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I am a teacher and restorative practice practitioner, trainer and consultant. I am currently on career break but have been an active champion and coordinator of Restorative Practice (RP) in my school since 2010. Since that time I have become an accredited trainer and also completed a thesis in RP for my Masters in Education. This consisted of an action research project that involved working with teachers to initiate, implement and evaluate the use of RP in their classrooms. I am currently working part tim ein Maynooth and many Education Centres training teachers in RP. Contact me if you are interested in finding out information about training or consultancy. I am passionate about creating well-being and happiness in the work place; and particularly interested in re-culturing schools and cultivating a restorative paradigm shift. My intention is to use this forum to share the work we did as a community of teachers with others and to promote RP, well-being and community. Being involved with this work allows me to feel that the life that I am living is the same as the life that wants to live in me. I am grateful for this.

CONNECT Conference

National Restorative Practice Conference for Education. Our CONNECT will take place in conjunction with the Education Department of Maynooth University (led by Dr Anthony Malone) on 25th March 2017. We are very excited about the potential of this to help Restorative … Continue reading

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The Relationship SCALE

Best of luck with the new term! It’s been a while since my last post but I have been working on my Connect RP book, with my friend & colleague Claire Matthews, and we are hoping to bring it to … Continue reading

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What is the difference between Shame and Guilt?

Is it ever helpful for people to feel shame? No! Very often, as loving parents or caring teachers, we unconsciously contribute to poor behaviour by shaming people who may have caused harm or done wrong. Our intention, of course, is … Continue reading

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EQ – The better we feel the more we … learn/allow/engage/connect.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is our ability to recognise and regulate our own emotions, and those of others. It is “the most important overall success factor in careers” (Goleman, 2001, p. xv). Restorative Practice (RP) develops our emotional literacy and helps … Continue reading

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What is your Superpower?

Source: What is your Superpower?

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What is your Superpower?

We all remember what Uncle Ben told Spider-Man “With great power comes great responsibility “. But what if the reverse is also true? “With great responsibility comes great power”.(Jim Kwik) When we are responsible; response-able; able to respond in a … Continue reading

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The Promised Land

To paraphrase Dan Sullivan, the skills that get you out of trouble may not be the same skills that deliver you to the Promised Land. This really rings true for me when I think about how we tend to address … Continue reading

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The Ripple Effect

I love this quote. It often guides how I try to meet the day, especially when working in my lovely school. I think Love Bomb week breathed life into this intention for our whole school community. The week before midterm … Continue reading

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The Love Bomb

The Love Bomb – do these words make you smile too? I originally heard this expression from my lovely colleague the first time that I experienced a Fishbowl (thank you, Kevin 🙂 ). He offered it as a suggestion to … Continue reading

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Fishbowls/ Solution-Focused Circles

One of the things that I love about Restorative Practice is its intention to be solution-focused. Of course we need to identify our problems, become conscious of them; acknowledge that they exist. I’m sure problems in most schools are plentiful … Continue reading

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